January 30, 2011

Life Stops When It Rains

It’s been raining all day and so it automatically becomes a lazy day.

That’s so typical of us Malaysians, isn’t it? And the foreigners seem so well aware of this fact.

When I was living in England for two years, my Orang Putih (Mat Salleh if you prefer) friends found it strange and at times hilarious that Malaysians living there for study or work purposes just won’t get off their butt at the slightest drizzle.

My Orang Putih friends used to ask: “Why? What is it about the weather that puts your life on hold?”

I didn’t have an answer then and I still don’t have the answer now.

The continuous rain today puts my life on hold but I did that on purpose.

Cliparts: Red Umbrella-PIXABELLA 
Weather Symbols Rain-NICUBUNU / Woman Silhouette-MYSTICA

I mean we have so many sunshiny days to go out and enjoy ourselves so why bother on a wet day? Wet days are meant to be spent indoors. Some snuggle on the sofa watching movies, some chill with their wine and listen to music; some have great sex while I just love finishing the hours in-front of the computer sorting out my tons of photographs.

Probably I do have the answer for my Orang Putih friends.

Our life is put on hold when it rains because we have a choice. Unlike them, we do not have to worry about the seasons. The day is the same every day – hot and when it rains we stay in and enjoy the cool weather.

So it’s just like you Orang Putih. When it’s a hot summer you put on your bikinis and thongs and bermudas and bask in the parks and the beaches. The only difference between our preferences is that you hit the outdoors and we hid indoors.

For as long as it’s a non-working day and there’s nothing urgent that needs to be done, indoors on a rainy it is for me at least.

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