January 27, 2011

Animal Abusers Earth's Scum

The last few days I have been viewing / reading about the despicable person on YouTube hurting the poor defenceless animal.

Despite being a big bitch, I am an animal lover, and rather than bitching today about something that irritates me, I'd like to suggest an alternate world for animal abusers ... so bear with me.

Animal abusers, along with child abusers, are the scum of the earth.

I'd love to see a world where these people are dominated by extremely large cats and dogs, where the cat uses his/her claws to play with the person much like a kitten plays with a ball of string. Not too harsh, but just enough to scratch and put the fear of life into them.

Cliparts: Dog (ARTFAVOR).Turd (DOOFI).Man (ROMANOV)

I would love to see them being chased through the jungle with a giant pack of dogs on their tail, gnarling teeth ready to teach them a new one.

People who mistreat animals don't deserve to be treated as humans.

I seriously hope that they suffer a fate worse than the animals they abuse.

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